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Tips to Detect an Irrigation Leak Melbourne FL

After spending so much time and money fixing your landscape, the last thing you want is a small problem like an irrigation leak leading to larger complications. If you just realized that your water bill is getting too high, you need to perform further investigations before it’s too late. Leaks anywhere in the home are sometimes hard to find especially if they are within the irrigation system. If you’re wondering how to detect an irrigation leak Melbourne FL, we’ll share a few tips to help you get started.

Irrigation leaks will cost you

A spike in your water bill could mean that there’s an undetected leak in your irrigation system. You’re likely to notice this spike if your bill is different from your typical water bill. Unfortunately, you are most likely to notice the difference only when you’ve paid thousands of dollars more than your average charge. Other than this, an irrigation leak Melbourne will also translate into additional repair costs. If the leak was extensive, it may have led to significant soil and plant damage. These plants could take weeks or even months to grow. Fixing the aftermath of an undetected irrigation leak can be costly and time-consuming.

Install an irrigation meter

It’s a good idea to keep track of your outdoor water usage. You can do this by installing an outdoor water meter. This meter will allow you to monitor spikes in your water bill that may be caused by an irrigation leak. Most meters also have a leak indicator triangle. This allows you to check if there’s a leak in sections of your irrigation system such as piping, valves, or sprinklers. Sprinklers are prone to wear and tear. The section on the spray heads may be faulty and cause flooding.

If you notice water on sections in your home such as the curb, it could be an indication that your irrigation head is broken. Drainage issues can also cause irrigation systems to flow over a curb and water. When the irrigation head is completely broken, it’s going to release a lot more water with too much force that can affect the nearby soil and vegetation ruining your landscape. In fact, broken irrigation heads are known to cause erosion in most landscapes. Check the head to ensure it’s not cracked or broken to avoid this.

A common sign of an irrigation leak is when water shoots up in the air from the mainline. This is an obvious sign of a leak in the irrigation system and should be addressed immediately. Sometimes the piping needs a few repairs or a complete replacement depending on the extent of the damage.

Before you start digging up your lawn searching for answers, ask a professional for help. There are very many cases where irrigation leaks go undetected and require specialized tools to identify the underlying cause of the leak. A professional landscaper will know the kinds of assessments to perform to identify the source of the leak and recommend the necessary repairs.

Leak Repair Services We Provide

Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pools are an amazing amenity to have in your backyard. They are an excellent way to relax as well as exercising, as well as to beat the heat that the hot summer months bring. The issue is that they are sometimes vulnerable like any other structure. They may develop cracks as the result of wear and tear, shifts in the ground, imperfections in materials, and so on. These leaks can lead to your monthly water bill increasing from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Underground Leak Repair

Water is a precious resource that costs money to acquire. Certain areas have such an unreliable or low supply of water that some local jurisdictions impose restrictions on everything from car washing to lawn watering to conserve water.

The problem is that not all water is wasted intentionally. Much of what gets wasted tends to be due to underground leaks where people don´t even know about it until your bill starts adding up every month.

Fountain Leak Detection

Fountains are one of the most common man-made structures that hold water. They were once used to hold water for horses and livestock. They have since evolved into majestic structures that are capable of making a property look substantially more beautiful.

The challenge with fountains is that they tend to loose water through leaks and other problems. This can make operating a fountain significantly more costly than it should be while creating certain hazards.

Irrigation Leak Detection

Irrigation is one of the many modern conveniences that make tedious tasks easier to perform. In-ground sprinklers make it possible to water your lawn on a regular basis without direct interaction from you, which in turn allows you to remain unscathed by the outside elements while keeping your lawn green.

The problem is that no irrigation is infallible. Frost is a common reason that even the most robust and expensive irrigation systems spring an unintended leak, but even without frost your irrigation system can start breaking through normal wear and tear.

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